When and Where Should I Buy My 2017 Auto?

Buying a new car is definitely not easy, and what makes it harder is that every car dealership you see is saying that they happen to be the one that sports the best deals or top 2016 American cars . We’ll give you some tips about buying for this year, so you don’t have to assume you’re getting the raw end of the stick in 2017.

First Things First

Well, you sort of, kind of missed the best time to buy if you were hoping to buy soon. You really should be doing it at the very end of the year, when car dealerships are desperate to clean out their lots. Something about taxes? We’re not really sure. All we know is that people have gotten some truly spectacular deals by using timing to their advantage when it comes to paying less out of pocket. So basically if you can wait until the end of the year to buy, that would be great (said in the Bill Lumbergh voice). You can also save by taking an online defensive driving course. But really, they’re probably still dying to get rid of their old inventory of 2016 cars in the beginning of the new year too, so now’s probably not a bad place to start either.

Cheaper States

It may matter where you buy, but it may not. Different states handle things in very different ways, with some charging all kinds of weird fees that are more or less made up to fund something that you’ve probably never heard of (or maybe just the roads.) Truth be told, if you’re anywhere near Hawaii (which why would you be, unless you already live in Hawaii?), Alaska, New Hampshire or Montana, then you may want to drive there to buy instead. They’re some of the cheapest states to buy a new car, with the number one cheapest state being Oregon. So if you’re right on that border, then head over to Oregon for a better deal.

Bring On the Negotiations

There are websites out there that will tell you the average price of the cars sold around your area, and there are places where you buy and trade that are have steadfast ‘no haggle’ policies. That’s all fine and good. But the truth is that car dealerships are like people — sometimes ready to settle for less. The best time to buy a car is the time when you feel the most confident to use your voice to get yourself a better deal. This is the time to start being obnoxious, and see what kind of response you get. The only problem with this plan is that it can take a while to wear people down. And you may get worn down in the process too. That part is not fun, but it might be worth it when you save a few hundred (or thousand bucks) in the end.

Seasons of Cars

Don’t go during the spring or summer. When the weather is good and people have time to shop, it puts the car dealers at an advantage because the demand is in their favor. For similar reasons, most experts will tell you to go during the first few days of week when people have less time to shop as opposed to the weekends. You’re much more likely to get personal attention this way too. Those early days of the week should be toward the end of the month, as salespeople are more eager to make a deal then. Same thing goes for the offers you make. They should be given to salespeople late in the day because they may be desperate to actually make a sale. And don’t be afraid to buy the last year’s model! Chances are the 2017 is not really that much better to warrant the extra cost.

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