What Is Misfuelling? Top Tips and How to Prevent It

When you’re a driver you’ll know cars may have either a diesel or a petrol engine. And you’ll know that putting diesel in a petrol engine or vice versa is a problem. This is called misfuelling and it can cause serious issues with your engine.

So how do you prevent misfuelling? It’s simple – always use the right fuel! Of course, you say, this is entirely obvious and it is not always possible to remember or notice when you are doing something wrong. Here are some more useful tips to prevent the inconvenience of misfuelling – and what you can do if you make a mistake.

Signs That You Misfuelled

Not sure whether you actually did put the wrong fuel in your car? Check the receipt – this will give you an easy indication of whether you made a mistake. If you’re driving and you threw away the receipt you may notice signs that your engine is not functioning. It could have been difficult to start. It may make a lot of noise and smoke. You may suddenly lose engine power. Pull over safely and call the breakdown services to make sure.

Misfuelled? What to Do

If you realise you have made a mistake on the forecourt, don’t put the keys in the ignition and don’t turn it on. Even turning the key halfway can start to prime the engine with the wrong fuel. Call a fuel recovery breakdown service like motoserve.ie and wait for them to come and drain the tank so you can refuel with the right fuel and drive away.

If you start to drive off and you notice something seems odd with the engine, and then you realise your mistake, find a safe place to stop. It is important not to put your life in danger or someone else’s by stopping recklessly, no matter how worried you are about your engine. Put your hazard lights on and use emergency traffic cones or triangles. Call your breakdown service.

How to Prevent Misfuelling

Try not to fill up on autopilot, particularly if you are in another country. Focus on the task in hand for the few moments it takes to complete it. If you are in the habit of making a mistake try not to refuel when you are busy or stressed since it is more likely you will make a mistake at this time. Look at the labels on the fuel pumps and don’t just rely on the colour. If you are driving a new car or you are borrowing a car make sure you put a sticker in a prominent position on the cap or in another place you are likely to see it.

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