What Can a Car Lover do With Only $100?

Cars are an expensive hobby, no one ever said otherwise. Even when you try to save money by tinkering with things yourself, parts can get pricey, storage can be difficult, and the insurance remains an everlasting problem. Though we want to be able to regularly engage in our hobbies, it’s not always an option in the budget, especially when it’s as expensive as most car-related activities, like upgrades or alterations.

Here are some things to keep you involved with your passion at a $100 or less budget while you save up for more major activities:

Get Clean

Whether it’s a detailing package or a hand-held vacuum that will let you access those hard-to-reach muffin crumbs under the seat, $100 can give a refresh to your vehicle, no problem. If you want to take a more DIY approach, invest in some soft cloths and specialized products, and start buffing. If you are more of a “hands-off” person, go through the car wash or find a company to do your interior for you.

Go Mini

You definitely will not buy a car for $100 (or at least one that’s worth having), unless…it’s a miniature car. These detailed models are awesome collectors’ items and can hold their value very well if preserved. This is also a way to add some of those “dream cars” to your possessions, the ones that you would never otherwise be able to afford. Start looking at local shops and dealers, but there’s a store that’s one of the greatest choices of miniature cars online. Once you’re more experienced in collecting, you’ll be able to pick out good deals and opportunities, perhaps turning it into a side-hustle or passion project of your own.

Go to a Car Show

Car shows are a great trip to enjoy with friends or alone. See what the automotive industry has been up to and gain inspiration for potential new additions to your collection. But in the meantime, feel the energy, snap some photos of you sitting inside your dream car, and discuss your opinion on the newest models with other industry nerds. If you want to stay within your $100, wait until the next expo is in town or close enough to visit for the day. If you have any money left over, perhaps grab a post-show beer with a new friend.

Get an Oil Spray

Depending on the time of year, it might be wise to take that $100 and get the underbelly of your favourite vehicle sprayed. Rust can form on those parts which are closest to the rain, snow, and salt if they are not properly coated. While getting your oil change or tires rotated, an oil spray is an added expense but one that a true car aficionado sees the value of.

Get Your Cellphone Comfy

If you don’t already have a screen and Bluetooth system for your car, invest in some hardware that will allow you to listen to music, chat with friends, and use the GPS on your phone comfortably. You’ll need a suction cup phone holder and a car converter charger that will allow your phone to charge while you’re using it on trips.

While you won’t be able to do anything drastic with $100, that doesn’t mean that you can’t do things that will further your interest in cars. From giving your existing vehicles a little TLC (tender love and care), to getting involved in collecting, to meeting with other like-minded people at events, that one bill of cash can keep you satisfied and happy until you have the budget to do something more drastic like adding a lip kit, a turbo, or even tinting the windows.


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