Understanding Car Accident Laws in Toledo

Auto accidents can be terrifying and may leave even the most confident of people broken. Understanding your responsibilities and legal rights can go a long way when you find yourself in an accident.

Car accident law

These are legal rules that determine the at-fault party in a road accident. Car accident law consists of principles of negligence as applied in personal injury lawsuits. A person who sustains injury following an auto accident can hire a car accident attorney in Toledo who will negotiate with the other driver’s lawyer to determine who is responsible for the crash, and arrange a settlement for the resulting losses. In cases where both parties cannot reach a consensus, they may take the case before the court for the judge to make his or her final verdict regarding the matter.

The judge pieces together all pieces of evidence, including the police reports and medical records and uses the Toledo traffic laws along with other legal concepts to determine who was at fault. The driver who caused the accident is often under the legal obligation to compensate the other party for property and medical expenses as well as for pain and suffering and other financial losses due to lost wages.

Shared fault

But determining fault is not always as easy as it seems because there are times when both drivers contributed to the accident. When both drivers share some level of liability, it will almost always affect the amount of settlement that the victim is entitled to receive, because the amount will be reduced according to the percentage of fault. In cases where the victim was more than 50% at fault, then they will not collect any settlement from the other party.

Time limits

Following a car accident, a victim is allowed two years from the date of the accident to file a lawsuit against the at-fault driver. Once this time cap elapses, it will be impossible for one to come forth with their claims. One also loses any right to compensation. Working with a personal injury lawyer is an excellent way for victims to ensure they never miss out due to the statute of limitation.

What to do after an accident

What one does after an accident can make or break their case. It’s true that accidents are terrifying and can cause confusion. However, it is essential that a person tries to recollect themselves and ensure the safety of others before calling law enforcement.

If there are any injuries, the next logical thing would be to call for medical help and legal assistance. Calling a lawyer is especially critical when one is clueless about how to go about the process. It is also the best step to preserve a victim’s right to a settlement.

The driver should also exchange contact and other essential details with the other driver, and even take pictures of anything and everything in the accident scene. It’s also necessary to collect any witness information to help weigh in on the matter at a later date.


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