The Safest Motorcycles on the Block

There’s nothing like the feel of fresh air on your face, the highway under your wheels. Riding can be a beautiful, thrilling experience, but you want to be as safe as possible. Of course, the first step to staying safe on a motorcycle starts with taking personal safety measures.

One important measure riders should take is arming themselves with the knowledge to ride defensively through a local motorcycle safety training course. You can also give your defensive driving skills an added boost with an online traffic school program. Learning how to respond when faced with a dangerous situation can mean the difference between a great ride and serious road rash.

Personal safety gear is also important, including:

  • Safety-rated helmets
  • Leather jackets
  • Visible attire

If you’re a conscientious driver, maybe someone who knows about hardship license for CA 14-year olds, who has done everything possible on your end to stay safe, you might assume that all bikes are the same when it comes to safety. However, motorcycle manufacturers have recently taken a major interest in safety features that can be included on their bikes. We’ve put together a list of some of the safest motorcycles on the block, so you can find the perfect match to let you enjoy your ride worry-free.

Ducati Multistrada 1260 D-Air

Ducati’s commitment to rider safety is part of their company mission. This model of the Multistrada employs a super techy system to keep riders safe. The bike comes with a vest or jacket equipped with airbags to protect the rider’s most vital body parts. When the sensors on the front fork or the back of the bike detect an accident, in less than 45 milliseconds, the bike sends a message to the jacket to activate the airbags.


The jacket inflates in less than 20 milliseconds, a fraction of the 400-millisecond time it takes to blink. The bike also comes equipped with anti-lock brakes, adjustable traction control, and active suspension.

Honda Gold Wing GL1800AD

Honda’s airbag system works a bit differently. After analyzing real-world crash data, Honda’s engineers concluded the safest use of an airbag would be to reduce a rider’s forward momentum in the event of a collision. The Honda airbag system attaches to the bike’s frame by tether straps for added support.


The bike employs four crash sensors, with two attached to each side on the front forks. When the crash sensors detect a frontal impact, the control unit signals the airbag, which inflates in 0.015 seconds, absorbing the rider’s kinetic energy as he or she is thrust forward.

Suzuki V-Strom 650 ABS

While this bike doesn’t feature an airbag system, many consider it one of the safest motorcycles around. Countless online reviews rate this bike as having one of the best ABS systems around. The V-Strom also gets high safety marks for its suspension and maneuverability, making it easy to handle on challenging roads.

Ducati Monster 821

This bike makes the list for its combination of great features. Complete with 8-level configurable traction control and a three-level configurable ABS, the Monster makes navigating back roads and city streets safer.

Kawasaki Vulcan S

The Vulcan has a reputation for incredibly responsive handling, making it a great bike for maneuvering and getting out of dangerous situations. Softer suspension and confident traction combine with an ABS system to make this bike one of the safest rides around.

Kawasaki Ninja 300

Another great bike from Kawasaki, the Ninja offers a smaller bike equipped with ABS that makes a terrific first ride for beginners. Its ability to quickly run through gears gives it a safety edge for getting around city streets.


Riding gets you in touch with your surroundings in a way you will never experience in a car. Making sure your bike can safely get you from point A to point B frees you up to enjoy yourself. Innovations in safety are increasing with every model, and the future looks bright for motorcycle riders. Whether you prefer a cruiser or a touring bike, features like ABS and airbags can get you there safer.

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