The Ideal Three Car Garage

At one time or another, all petrol heads have sat around a table with a beer and discussed their dream three-car garage. It’s a favourite game of car lovers to wile away a few idle moments in, but if you are considering a truly viable three car garage you have to leave out some of the totally bonkers options, like a Pagani Zonda, and settle for cars that give you the best of all worlds. You can click here for cars in Kent that would be perfect or here are some options that you can consider:




As soon as spring and summer roll around there is only one thing you want to do as car enthusiast and that is to slip inside a convertible. Putting the roof down and testing your skills on a maze of country roads is what warm weather driving is all about. To fulfil this dream you need a convertible in your three car garage and the choice is vast. At the head of the queue in recent times has to be a Jaguar F-Type though, which looks as good as it drives. The German car makers also have a crop of models worth considering, but the Jag currently heads everything in the class.


Sports saloons and Grand Tourers


For when the weather is a bit more unstable and you have longer journeys to undertake, then a sports saloon or Grand Tourer must be one of your options. These are cars that offer power, ability, luxury and comfort in one neat package. Top of the lot still has to be James Bond’s Aston Martin DB9, which will not look out of place in any luxury location or motorway. For a little bit different you could plump for a Bentley Continental GT, if you can get your hands on one or the Mercedes SL which looks as good as the other and has that additional German sophistication.




The ability to go anywhere off-road and not get stuck is appealing to all as it gives a freedom that many cars can’t match. That’s why a 4×4 has to be part of any dream garage. If a 4×4 is in your mind then there is only one marquee where you should go shopping and that is Land Rover. From the Defender to the Discovery to the Range Rover Sport; all of their models have breathtaking off-road ability, which is twinned with luxury and refinement to make them the most sought after 4x4s in the market. The Discovery is the ideal middle ground between refinement and all-round ability, but you would be hard pushed to choose it over the Range Rover Sport for your ideal three car garage.


This is more of a sensible three car garage for those of us that want to have an options for every eventuality.

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