The Best Hot Hatchbacks That Money Can Buy

Passing your driving test opens up a world of possibilities; you now have your independence and the ability to go anywhere whenever you choose. The thrill of the power under you’re foot is all consuming and the added pressure to be cool in your car choice means a safe and sensible small car is not always the first option. That has made hot hatchback’s the ideal choice for all young driver’s looking to show off to their mates; while keeping a handle on tax and insurance. If you are in the market for hot hatchbacks then the following Carbase used cars are the ones that you should be setting your heart on:




Europe’s best-selling car delivers refinement, reliability and enviable build quality, but in its GTI guise you get that extra bang for your buck. The Golf has always been a great driving car that relies on its stability, poise and grip to provide its platform for greatness. However, add a touch of dynamism, power and a focus on thrills then you have the GTI, which has been the pinnacle of hot hatchbacks since the very beginning. Add on the extras and the VW Golf GTI cannot be beaten, but you also get enviable practicality, comfort and reliability and it’s this balance at either end of the fun scale where this hot hatchback leaves its rivals in the shade.


Ford Focus ST


As laid clear with the VW Golf GTI, hot hatchbacks are born out of the cars that are already class-leading in their class. That’s why the Ford Focus ST has to have a place in the top three as it simply extenuates the driving verve of its sibling with a few engineering and design tweaks. Experience 0-60mph in 6.5 seconds and a top speed of 154mph in a car with five doors, enough space for four passengers and a price tag that makes the VW Golf GTI look like it sits in a different segment altogether. Add to this its boy racer looks and drive that won’t be matched; and you could hardly do any better.


Renault Megane Renaultsport


Hot hatchbacks are designed to be not just quick for their segment, but quick full stop. You can’t have a top three fast hatchback list and not include a French car into the bargain and they don’t come more unique than a Renault Megane. Forget practicality and comfort as that is not what this car is about. It simply delivers unadulterated pace in style, but not a lot besides that. It’s the quicker of these three from 0-60mph and would not look out of place on a race track with its top speed of 158mph. If speed is the only thing on your list then you should not look further than a Renault Megane Renaultport.

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