The 8 Key Things that Make the Maruti Suzuki Dzire so Successful

The Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire was first introduced to the Indian market in 2008. Over the past nine years, there have been two generations of the Swift Dzire. The third generation of the vehicle will be available as of May this year.

From now on, the Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire will be called the “Maruti Suzuki Dzire”. This is a fair change, however, since it has accomplished a whole lot of things in and of its own rights since its first became available in 2008. So far, the vehicle has seen two generations, and the third generation is due to arrive soon. This is why the time has now come to celebrate this particular Suzuki’s eight key achievements.

  1. Over the past three years, the Swift Dzire has been the best selling sedan in India for three years in a row, starting in the 2014-2015 fiscal year. Since then, 13.81 lakh units were sold domestically. Furthermore, 60,000 units have been exported to countries in South America, Africa, and Asia.
  2. The vehicle was first launched in 2008, just three years after the original Swift was made available in India. As soon as it launched, it came under heavy criticism because people felt it was simply a standard Swift to which a forced boot had been welded. The criticism was fair, and Suzuki took it on board, silencing all of the critics with its record-breaking sales.
  3. Just 19 months after it was launched, in September of 2009, the vehicle crossed 1 lakh sales. Exactly 12 months later, in September 2010, it crossed its next lakh sales.
  4. In February 2012, generation two was launched. Since people seemed to enjoy subcompact sedans, the generation 2 Dzire was shorter than four meters. It also came with a new petrol automatic model, which is the first time this was done.
  5. In January 2013, the generation 2 Swift Dzire hit the 500,000 units mark already. And less than a year later, it sold a further 2 lakh units, and a further 700,000 were sold in January 2014.
  6. The AGS was added by Maruti in January 2016, which offered AMT (automatic manual transmission). This was added to the diesel variant of the vehicle.
  7. The Swift Dzire is the only sedan in existence that is consistently placed in the top 5 most popular, best selling vehicles in India.
  8. The next Dzire, the generation 3, which will drop the name “Swift”, will be available in May 2017. The Swift badge will be removed from the vehicle, and Maruti Suzuki has hinted that it will include segment first connectivity and technology options within the cabin. Naturally, it will also offer AMT, manual, diesel, and petrol options.

People are rightfully excited about this new vehicle. This is true not just for the Indian market, where it is likely to be just as popular as the previous two generations, but also for the export market. The Suzuki Dzire will be available for purchase as of May 2017, and a lot of interest has already been expressed on the domestic market. Usually, the international market will look at how the vehicle performs domestically before they decide to import it.

A Suzuki representative says: “What we usually see is that, within about six months of a vehicle becoming popular on the Indian market, people start to import it. Because this is the third generation, however, we expect this to happen much quicker than ever before. After all, it is a tried and tested vehicle, but this one is simply even bigger and better.”

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