Signs which show that your car has alternator problems

Do you despise the thought of having to wait for your car to start? Have you ever faced a scenario when you are in hurry, and you car won’t comply to your endless efforts with the key? If yes, you would agree that anyone who has faced the issue of an alternator problem in their car would desperately want to avoid them if possible. Like every other car issue, alternator problems just don’t happen all of a sudden. There are various signs which indicate that there is a problem within the alternator of the car. Some of the signs which can be diagnosed, as soon as possible, to save you from the bigger hassle of a useless alternator are:

Low or dim lighting

If the lighting of your car goes low all of a sudden, there is a serious problem with your alternator. The dim lighting suggests that the alternator has stopped working, and the bulk of the electricity is being provided by the battery. Considering that the battery is providing all of the electricity that the car needs, the lights go dim, since the burden is too much for the battery to supply on its own. If prompt action is not taken, both the alternator and battery would break down and leave your car in tatters.

An indicator light on the dashboard

Most cars have dashboard lights which indicate the driver of what’s wrong with the car. In modern day cars, alternator problems can be tracked to the alternator as the sign on the dashboard has an engine like figure with “ALT” written on it.  Cars from the early 2000’s don’t boast of this innovation, as the battery sign springs up whenever there is a problem with either the alternator or the battery. Thus, tracking the issue through the use of dashboard indicators can be a hassle, if you have an old car at your disposal.

Considering the importance of the problem, if you have reached the crux of the matter, it is best to go looking for solutions. The solution to the problem lies in various different options which can be used to reach the final conclusion. The most feasible options to go for once you detect the problems in your alternator or any other car parts are:

  • Go to an authorized brick-and-mortar outlet and buy the parts that you need. This would require you to get out and search for a reliable store, which gives the perfect offer. Finding a reliable store can be a hassle, if you’re not in contact with a professional.
  • The best course of action would be to save on the costs and buy used car parts. Used car parts are really in demand because they are cheaper, and if brought from a reliable place the car parts tend to live more than their expected tenure. You can also buy used auto parts online, which saves you from the difficulty of going to a store and placing your needs in front of the auto shop owner.



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