Second hand motorcycle parts – how safe are they?

If you own a motorcycle you know how expensive it can be to buy parts when they are needed. You may well be tempted to buy second hand parts in order to save some money. The question is; is it safe to buy used bike parts?


We are going to discuss the different sources of new bike parts. Then we are going to talk about when it may or may not be a good idea to buy parts second hand; from a safety point of view.

Where can you buy motorcycle parts?

If you want to buy new bike parts, you generally have three different options.

  • Buying specific parts that come from the manufacturer. The most expensive option, when it comes to buying parts for a motorcycle, is buying parts that were specifically designed for the bike, by the manufacturer.
  • Buying specific parts, not created by the manufacturer. It’s possible to buy parts for specific bikes that have been created by someone other than the manufacturer. They are generally less expensive than manufacturer produced products.
  • Buying generic motorcycle parts. This type of part is generally the most reasonably priced.

Many bike owners like to have manufacturer produced parts because they were made by the people who created the bike, specifically for that machine. One way of making this more affordable is to buy parts second hand. But, is it safe to do this?

Is it a good idea to buy bike parts second hand?

Obviously, you do not want to take any chances with safety, when you are buying parts for your motorcycle. This does not necessarily mean that you should never purchase parts second hand. Many second hand parts are perfectly safe. You do need to be careful though.

One way to make sure that parts are safe is to buy from a reputable provider such as Procycles. They deal with bikes and parts all the time and are dedicated to making sure customers are satisfied and safe. You can research providers online and check out independent reviews.

It’s more of a risk to buy second hand motorcycle parts from private individuals or less reputable companies. Parts may not necessarily be unsafe but there is more of a chance that they could be. It can be tempting to purchase parts at the lowest possible cost but this may not be a wise move. If there is a problem with the part it can actually end up costing you more as you have to buy the product again. Any problem can also be dangerous, if it does not come to light until you are actually riding the bike.

Safety is one of the most important factors to take into consideration, when you are buying parts for a motorcycle. You should never compromise safety just to secure the lowest cost. If you do want to buy second hand parts, in order to save money, you should make sure you buy from a reputable provider.

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