Liberty Auto Warranty Shows How Filing for an Auto Warranty Protection Claim is Much Easier than You Think

The auto warranty protection industry has always had a negative reputation because of how it has been depicted in the media. People giving extended auto warranty programs negative reviews abound and it has led people to back off from offers.

The negative connotation of extended auto warranty can also be attributed to profiteering companies who are just out to exploit their customers. In more ways than one, a service contract gives you the contentment of knowing you won’t be burdened with expensive repairs when your car breaks down.

The negative impact of the media on service contract has been steadily changing over the years. The industry is thoroughly regulated and reliable auto warranty providers are fully licensed by the Better Business Bureau and the Vehicle Protect Association. This provides every account holder the complacency of quality service and better assistance.

Liberty Automotive Protection has been a trusted name in the extended auto warranty industry. Providing services within Ocean, New Jersey, and the neighboring areas, they are the go-to place when you want a reliable coverage aside from the manufacturer’s initial warranty

Liberty Automotive Protection has been in the business for almost two decades to understand the ins and outs of the industry. They provide the most comprehensive and innovative contract service programs in the industry.

Filing for a warranty claim is fairly easy. Each member is given a membership card they can use when they need to have a covered part of their vehicle repaired. Handing it over to a partner mechanic or a repair shop of your choice can provide you the services that you need.

Calling the warranty company is sometimes the one thing everyone misses. It is important to give the extended auto warranty provider a head’s up before any repairs are done to ensure they understand what needs to be repaired and know who to pay for.

Much like auto insurance, your extended auto warranty includes deductibles for up to a certain amount. This lessens your expenses or if not pay the total amount of the needed services your vehicle has incurred. In most cases, the deductible is the only amount you will be paying as stipulated in your contract.

As opposed to what the media portrays of extended auto warranty coverage, filing for a claim is much easier. Even the technicalities are simple and reading the contract will help you understand the qualifiers for filing claims.

You can learn more about their parent company Palmer Adminstration at There you will be able to find out more about filing a claim for your Liberty Automotive Protection extended warranty service.


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