How to Sign Up and Get Started with Online Defensive Driving Classes

The concept of defensive driving was introduced to enhance the safety on the roads. Drivers learn how to better anticipate and avoid collisions when in traffic. The nation’s standard Safe Practice for Motor Vehicle Operations aptly defines defensive driving as time, life and money-saving skill that each driver ought to possess. For one to become a proficient defensive driver, it’s imperative they master the necessary driving techniques that include such guidelines like the two second and the assured clear distances ahead rules. Other significant techniques taught in classroom courses and the best online defensive driving include:

Speed control

Anticipating the unexpected

Avoiding distractions by always being alert

Being respectful to all motorists and pedestrians

Keeping a safe distance behind and in front

Anticipating the other drivers’ errors

Bearing the weather in mind while driving

Slowing down as you approach bends

In a move aimed at reducing the wanton road carnage that has befallen the U.S in recent decades, the authorities have teamed up with nonprofit organizations and private driving schools to launch defensive driving specialty schools. Nowadays, in many states, you’ll receive sumptuous incentives just for undertaking and complete a defensive driving course. For instance, some states, New York, Florida, New Jersey, Arizona and California offer reduced insurance premiums to all the certified auto owners. In some states, drivers stand to save more than 10% on their auto insurance quotes.

Another benefit of taking the defensive driving courses is that if issued with a ticket, it won’t cost you your license.


The state-approved ticket-dismissal course can be 3-8 hours, depending on what state you received the ticket in. This process, not as complicated as SUV and compact SUV leasing, has become fairly simple nowadays. Additionally, safety-conscious drivers have the option of skipping the physical classes and instead can take online courses, where students are sometimes required to spend less time in the course. Here, you only need a stable Internet and a desire to become a better driver, and you’re as good as done.


It’s quite straightforward for anyone accessing the wealth of info and data shared by the best online defensive driving Texas. Learning materials are available to read, listen to (by audio features) and watch (with additional educational and entertaining videos).

Dangerous Roads

It is highly advisable to learn these defensive driving techniques, especially as the holiday season is just right around the corner. It is during this festive season that the number of road accidents and incidents spike. In the US alone, it is estimated that 41,000 people lose their lives every year on the American roads. The reports go ahead to state that an additional 3.2M people end up with all manner of injuries following what could have been avoidable accidents and traffic collisions. From these accidents, 38% were caused by drunk drivers. Let’s not also forget the psychological trauma that the accident survivors must grapple with, maybe even for the rest of their lives.

Getting Started

Here’s how you get started with online defensive driving classes: visit your state’s DMV, TEA or BMV website for a list of approved schools. Online classes are cherished for their incredible conveniences. The courses don’t require you to commute, attend any classes or disrupt your schedule. It is good for you to partner up with an established and highly reputed training outlet for best results. Go for the online schools that have an accreditation with notable authorities. The certificates you receive from are indeed recognized by the CA, TX, AZ, FL, NY, NJ, KY and other state courts and insurance companies.

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