How to Dismiss A TN Traffic Ticket

You just got a traffic ticket or a TN speeding ticket and you don’t want it on your record.

Who does?

Good news: You have options. Here’s what we mean:

Fight It

This won’t work.

Well, it might. It’s worked in the past, but if you manage to successfully fight a ticket in court, you’ll want to either buy a lottery ticket on your way home, or consider what it takes to start a law firm, because you’re either the luckiest person on Earth or the most persuasive.

The courts want you to pay the ticket because that’s how they generate revenue for the state. The cop wants you to pay the ticket because it’s really embarrassing if you catch them in the wrong. Maybe you can fight it with video footage or by spending more on your lawyer than the ticket itself would have cost you, but it’s a long shot.

It’s worth a shot if you have the time or you always wanted to defend yourself in court, but would rather not be staring down a life sentence. But you’re probably going to be stuck with the ticket.

Your best options for keeping the ticket off your record comes down to what you can do later, like…

Take A Defensive Driving Course

In TN traffic school is an instant discount on your insurance, and it might help to get certain charges removed from your record entirely. This is minor charges we’re talking, here. Speeding and things like that. If the judge is saying he’s going to take your license away, then you might want to wait until your suspension is over to start thinking about what defensive driving courses can do for you. If it’s just a standard moving violation, though, then you can expect to save a lot of money over the years by getting certified as a safe driver.

Yes, You Probably Have to Pay the Ticket

Defensive driving courses, unfortunately, might not get you out of actually paying the ticket. They can ensure that paying the amount written on the ticket is the most you’ll have to pay.

Best case scenario is you might get the fine dismissed by offering to take a defensive driving course, but you’ll still have to pay the court costs. So, you’re not likely to get off scot free, but you might wind up having to pay considerably less than you’d think. If you’ve got a silver tongue and you can talk the judge into dismissing the whole thing, then hey, good luck with that.

Do not think that the course is an additional expense on top of the ticket. Defensive driving courses are shockingly affordable, or at least they are at My Improv, especially when weighed against the costs of paying more on your insurance over the course of the next year or two.

An Improv driving course can bring your rates down by around five percent, or even more depending on your insurer and what kind of discounts they might offer. Even if you’re not facing a ticket, you might benefit from taking a course all the same. The thing of it is you’re looking at a one-time fee and a couple days in a classroom, versus months, or even years, of paying extra on your insurance because you crossed the wrong cop’s path one day.

When we get in trouble, we generally go through an entire process of feeling like the Man is out to get us, but the bottom line is that doing something about it feels better than wringing your hands or shaking your fist.

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