Essential Items to Kit Out Your Campervan

Once you’ve invested in your very own campervan, there’s nothing quite as exciting as kitting it out with all of the essential items you’ll need! It’s important to make sure you’ve covered every aspect of mobile life by packing your campervan with essential items that will ensure you have a comfortable, positive campervan experience.

Cooking Tools and Appliances

Dependant on your campervans storage facilities, it’s important to kit your campervan out with key cooking utensils and other items that help with everyday routines. From the kettle to the mugs, plastic plates and bowls, cutlery and a colander, to important items such as saucepans and a frying pan, stocking up your campervan cupboard will ensure you aren’t caught short when preparing you and your family a lovely meal!

You should also consider miscellaneous items such as cling film, tinfoil, zip lock bags, a tin opener and washing up liquid, as you these items are almost certainly going to be needed throughout your stay in your campervan.

Comfortable Bedding

One of the main things you notice when you stay away from home is the bed. Whether you’re in your cosy campervan or a five-star hotel, the beds still not your own and it can be hard to settle down and relax properly. Ensuring you have plenty of warm, comfortable bedding will make a huge difference when it comes to relaxing and going to sleep. Add some cosy cushions and some additional throws into the mix and your campervan will almost feel like home.

Camping Equipment

Whilst campervans are a much warmer, comfier alternative to camping, it is still sometimes beneficial to pack some camping essentials into the campervan for your trips. Items such as awning or a gazebo will enable you to expand the space you have and make the most of your campervan. You can then look at adding tools for a BBQ or fire, camping chairs and a gas stove, dependant on where you’re heading on your trip. This items can all be used inside or out of the campervan, enabling you to make the most of the nice weather and enjoy the great outdoors just like when camping! You often find that with campervan conversion kits, you’re supplied with some other essential items that would be really beneficial to keep inside the campervan should you ever need them!

Food and Drinks

When it comes to selecting the right food to pack into your campervan cupboards, think about tinned goods and items with a longer shelf life. When you’ve set off on your adventure you can purchase some fresh produce from local shops, but for the duration of your trip you’re going to want items such as baked beans, fish and other items that come tinned and will keep for a long time. It’s also really important to stock up on plenty of water to keep you all hydrated throughout your trip. Whilst fizzy drinks and a good bottle of wine are great for an evening time, water is essential to keep you going, especially if you don’t have access to any fresh water on your trip.

Personal Items

The final thing to consider when kitting out your campervan is which personal items you want to take with you. Whilst clothing will be similar throughout the group, you may want to pack your own items such as shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and toothpaste. You may also want to pack items like books, magazines and other entertainment options which may be of personal preference but still essential for a campervan trip!


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