Choosing an Efficient Family Vehicle: What’s on Offer?

It’s quite refreshing to think that today we find ourselves at the forefront of vehicle technology – especially when it comes to economy and eco-friendliness. While you can still find large gas guzzlers, more and more road vehicles are starting to become greener as manufacturers look to entice us with lower road tax and more miles to the gallon.

With this though can come the headache of knowing just which vehicle to choose; for some there might simply be too much choice. This is where this blog post can help you out though, as if you’re looking for your next family vehicle, we’ve detailed a number of options you might want to consider. These fall into the eco-friendly category and cover a range of different sizes and potential uses.

The Runabout

If it’s a smaller car that you need to drive your family around the towns and cities on shorter journeys, than you can’t go wrong with the Ford Fiesta, 1.0-litre petrol EcoBoost.

The Fiesta is one of the most popular road cars in the UK and it’s easy to see why. Despite its modest engine you it’s surprisingly quick and agile and offers fantastic economy thanks to the EcoBoost technologies – whether you’re driving to the shops, or taking the kids out.

The Large Family Car

When it comes to comfy and frugal estate cars – which are both spacious and come with plenty of boot space – the Skoda Octavia is a top choice. A 1.6 diesel has claimed MPG of 60-80 and these sturdy models are perfect for pulling caravans and travelling long distances.

A Gutsy Off-Roader

For families that live out in the country, a four-by-four is a must. However this doesn’t mean you need a big diesel model, as there are in fact several hybrid 4x4s available to buy. This article from AA Cars contains a number of top examples you might want to consider. Like for example, the Volvo XC90, which claims to achieve over 135mpg – an incredible feat of engineering for a car in this category. The main website also sells many of these models at a better rate than you would find at the dealership.

The Sporty Family Motor

It might be your family are a little car crazy and speed still matters, well the BMW i8 is just the ticket. This astonishing electric car matches the quality you’d expect from a BMW with impressive power and a wealth of conveniences.

So, if you are about to hit the buying markets, be sure to consider some of the above options. Not only could you be investing a car that’s perfect for you family, it can also be something that provides you with the satisfaction in knowing you’re doing your part for the environment.

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