Choose the Right Trucking Company to Start Your Career

After doing much soul searching and researching all the ins and outs of being a truck driver for a living, you’ve finally decided that this is a career path that you’d like to take on. But this decision is only the beginning to a long and prosperous career as a truck driver. After getting trained, you’ll need to decide which truck driving company you’d like to dedicate working for.

So how exactly do you choose between all the truck driving companies out there? Trucking companies all make money in basally the same way: by hauling as many loads as possible in the most efficient and safest way. They all follow the same rules, and all have their arsenal of trucks and drivers to operate them. Since they look similar, it can be tough to decipher one company over another.

The predominant differences between trucking companies are the type of freight that they transport, their home time options, and their pay. Obviously, you want to work for a company that offers the most competitive pay with the most advantageous benefits. You also want to be sure that you’re comfortable hauling the types of goods that they have contracts for.

The first thing you should do is determine what freight you’d like to transport (such as a flatbed, refrigerated van, tanker, etc.), and how often you would like to be at home (whether it’s every night, on weekends, or every few weeks). This will help you narrow your choices.

Perhaps you can speak with a handful of drivers with the companies that you are considering working with. Get their opinion on what life is like with these companies to see what suits you best.

You also want to be able to work for a company that provides on-the-go training and provides great opportunities to increase your workload and bring in the most pay. At Landstar, we offer all that, and more.

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