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Second hand motorcycle parts – how safe are they?

If you own a motorcycle you know how expensive it can be to buy parts when they are needed. You may well be tempted to buy second hand parts in order to save some money. The question is; is it safe to buy used bike parts? We are going to discuss the different sources of […]

Cheap Motorcycle Parts Online

When searching for cheap motorcycle parts online, you have to know where to go to find quality parts that are not going to cost you all of your savings. You want to make sure that you’re also able to ride in style, in comfort and in safety and with the right prices. Through the use […]

How To Choose A Reliable Motorbike Hire Service

There are many different reasons why people might be looking for motorbike hire. No matter why you are interested in renting a motorcycle, there are various things that will have to be taken into account. Unfortunately, most people simply rent the very first bike that they find and that is available for them. This is […]

The World’s Earliest Bikes

The history of the bicycle is well-documented and is typically accepted to range from early 19th century Europe, when the first prototypes of cumbersome wooden structures emerged from German high-society and quickly gained notoriety across the continent as the new, fangled (and very dangerous) contraptions of the day. But, as the bike underwent design changes […]