Car Tuning

In today’s contemporary car culture; everybody is trying to find a way to go faster while conserving fuel. Throughout the years this idea was once impossible, but major advancements in technology have been taken place. Tuning a car might sound easy but there is a lot of planning and preparation involved. Vehicles are just like people and has to have balance. Overcompensation in one area could spell disaster in others. If you’re looking for ultimate performance for you vehicle; Audi, Porsche, Bentley, Skoda, or Seat; Unitronic has you covered.

Key Benefits of Unitronic Aftermarket Parts

  1. High-Quality Standards: You’ll get an unbelievable and unforgettable driving experience with some of the world’s most advanced software. (Unitronic) has a reputable and renowned reputation because of the company’s high standards and reliable track record.

  2. Accuracy, Precision, and Safety: Each and every software or hardware enhancements are developed in accordance with specific specifications from the manufacturer. Unitronic specializes in software that cab be used in everyday life and will improve and upgrade your driving experiences. The company conducts stringent quality checks, ensuring every vehicle is reliable and safe.

     Avoid other brands don’t reach and protect you from:

  • Poor fuel efficiency and performances

  • Counterfeit products

  • Lower grade products

  • Irregular malfunctions

  • And mechanical failure

     Unitronic Performance Software upgrades make your vehicle more reliable, even in tough situations and designed to give you the highest level of performance and safety. For more info click here:

High Performance Upgrades

  • Unitronic Stage1 DSG is flashed through the (OBDII) port and only takes up to 15 minutes. The DSG Software can be run simultaneously with the Stage1 and Stage1+ Software. UniConnect+ technology gives you added support and ease of use, which can be operated and run in your garage instead of a dealers. some of it’s features are:

  1.    Optimized response and drivability

  2.    Sport Mode 

  3.    Increased  launch Control

  4.    Upshifts that produce maximum Acceleration and speed

  5.    Increased RPM up to 6800

  • Unitronic Cat-Back gives you your full potential by removing factory restrictions, which limits power. There is leak-proof protection here as the v-band fastener and stainless steel flanges prevents and stops any leaks. Everything here has a seamless fit as the company uses precise measures. The mufflers appearance is a high dense, high temperature glass packing, giving you high performance in a very comfortable tone. Each 4″ rear tip has Unitronic engraved logo for added style.  This fits the Volkswagen GTI MK6 2.0L

  1. Engineered with the latest advancements in 3D.

  2. V-Band Fastening System

  3. Easily installed       

     The included hardware with this set is (Unitronic3″) Axel with muffler and three v-band clamps. Stage1 software can safely be used with this also .

      With (Unitronic) Performance Tuning you get you get instant performance from the industry’s most technological advanced brand. The company’s experience gives you goes well beyond the standard of other companies. If you want chip tuned software that is practical in your everyday life, Unitronic Performance Enhancing Products is for you.–2014-2015.                                                                

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