Benefits of Junking Your Car

There are a lot of ways to get rid of your car, but junking it is probably the quickest and easiest. You won’t get the most money by junking your car, but you will get the luxury of not having to attract buyers and haggle.

The important part of junking your car is knowing when it’s best to junk and when it might be better to sell your car or even trade it in. However, if you do decide to junk your car, here are some of the benefits you’ll see.

Quick and Easy

This is probably the biggest benefit of junking a car instead of selling it. Scrapyards are always willing to buy more scrap metal, so your car is always welcome. Additionally, the process is made incredibly easy for you since car junking services want your business. In fact, most car junking services only require you to make a phone call and schedule a time for your car to be picked up. All you need to do is wait at home for somebody to come pick up your car, the keys, and the title. At this time, you’ll be paid via cash or check.

Condition Doesn’t Matter

When it comes to car value, condition matters more than anything. If you’re trying to make a private sale or trade your car in at a dealership, they will take a close look at your car to determine its price. If there are any dents, scratches, or tears in the interior, the car isn’t as worth as much.

When you junk your car, you get paid based on how much your car weighs—which is essentially what it’s worth in scrap. It doesn’t matter if your car doesn’t even run at the moment, you can still call someone up to junk your car.

Simple Payment

One of the hardest parts about selling a car privately is finding a payment method which works for both parties and is also safe. The best course of action is generally to meet at a bank where you can watch the other person withdraw money from their account or get a cashier’s check.

When you choose to junk your car, you get paid quickly from a trustworthy source, so you never have to worry about payments. You can get cash for cars in Phoenix without ever having to think about how the payment process will work.


If your car is old and broken down and you don’t have any way to tow it somewhere or otherwise get rid of it, junking is a good option. Since junking cars can be a good way to make a profit, and because cars that are junked are often in poor condition, many people who junk cars will come pick your car up at your house. This means that no matter what situation you’re in, you can get some compensation for your car.

If you want the most value, a private sale may be better for you. However, if you’re looking for convenience and security, junking your car is a good way to go.


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