Auto Repair Resources

Car owners sometimes need to find a reputable car repair shop. Some knowledge about the auto repair industry can help the consumer select the best auto repair resource. An understanding about the basics of each kind of car repair can also help the owner save money. An overview of the car’s basic systems can assist in the identification of proper service to make repairs:

Auto Repair Air conditioner or A/C

The car’s air conditioning system includes the air conditioner/compressor, condenser (near radiator), dryer, under dashboard duct, actuators/evaporators, electronic air conditioning module/computer, and wires. The air conditioner system pumps Freon(R) gas to cool the car’s cabin. Problems with the air conditioner system may include: electronic issues, leaks, or compression problems.

Compressors are rarely the problem with the car’s air conditioning system, according to author Kevin L. Borg (“Auto Mechanics,” 2010). A scan tool will help owners of late model cars to identify any problems with the car’s electronics. Lastly, the a/c dryer must always be replaced when evacuating the air conditioner system.

Anti-Lock Brakes or ABS

The brake system is made up of the ABS model, wheel speed-sensors, and the hydraulic brake-valve body found beneath the floor or hood). The ABS manages each rapidly-pulsing wheel and, in the rare event of a short stop, prevents wheels from locking. (The car’s ‘regular’ brakes aren’t considered part of the ABS system and the ABS system operates independently from brake pads, rotors, shoes, and so forth.) Typical problems that relate to ABS include: broken wheel speed sensors (a common repair) and electrical or wire problems. Faults to the ABS appear as amber yellow lights at the dashboard. Importantly, any issues relating to the regular brake system are likely to cause an inoperable ABS. (Regular brake problems appear as red lights on the dashboard.)

Fuel Injection System or EFI

The fuel injection system is comprised of wires, ECM, actuators and sensors. This system maintains the air-fuel composition and emission controls. The EFI is quite complex. Reputable auto repair shops have the latest diagnostic or fault-detection equipment and tools to determine what is wrong with this system. Electrical, mechanical, or programming issues may cause faults with the EFI.

Auto Repair Choices

Almost everyone needs an auto repair shop or resource from time to time. Knowing how to find auto repair in Greenville requires a knowledgeable referring resource.

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