An Insight Into Armoured Vehicles.

Armoured vehicles are pretty standard in some parts of the world and in some professions. Take the president of America and most other political leaders for example, travel by armoured vehicles for their protection. So what goes into an armoured vehicle to make it so robust and how are they built? Let’s find out!

Utilising the high standards in precision engineering & production laid out in the automotive industry, armouring centre engineers & manufacturers provide the world with armoured vehicles as well as producing fitted armour kits for once-off editions of European automobiles.

What is important about armoured vehicle manufacturers?

Safety, robustness, durability! After all, vehicle panels need to be able to withstand a potential attack. Armoured vehicles are subject to the most rigorous tests in firing ranges or by certified ballistic testing organisations to ensure the vehicles are ready for a full production run.

Vehicles should be produced using tested, high-grade ballistic materials & monitored in detail by a quality management system.

Speciality Vehicles

Building special vehicles means building special technologies. Having the experience & expertise necessary to carry out professional armour conversions to vehicles is crucial, to ensure the highest quality of materials and craftsmanship are used.

Some specific services in speciality vehicle manufacture:

  • Vehicle bodywork conversions
  • Government vehicle fitting
  • Unique interiors – seats, dashboard, inner panels
  • Designs of exteriors – outer panels, windows, wheels etc
  • Technology – phones, GPS, tracking, cameras, weaponry etc
  • Security technology – alarms, locking mechanisms, automatic defence

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Firing Ranges

So what goes on at the firing range when a new armoured vehicle is being put to the test?

Many armoured vehicle manufacturers have their own advanced ballistic-testing facility. It permits carrying out comprehensive testing of both materials & armoured vehicles.

Experienced experts in ballistics simulate typical threats involving weapons & explosives, ensuring that materials and joints of materials and panels are thoroughly checked throughout every stage of the manufacturing process.

Firing ranges allow to effectively test different material combinations and manufacturing methods during engineering and manufacturing stages. Typical standards that firing range facilities are to ISO 17025 standards.

Some Famous Armoured Cars

Mercedes S600 Pullman State Limousine.

Volkswagen Phaeton.

Maserati Quattroporte.

Rolls-Royce Phantom VI Limousine.

Range Rover.

Audi A8 L Security.

BMW 760Li High Security.

Porsche Panamera 4.8 V8 Turbo.

Interesting Facts About Armoured Vehicles

  1. Over 100,000 armoured vehicles are currently in existence throughout the world
  2. The average cost of an armoured vehicle is around $120,000 with some armoured vehicles costing over $3 million!
  3. Getting to the moon in an armoured vehicle would take under 6 months if travelling at a speed of 60mph.

Learning to Manage Your Armoured Vehicle

Training courses are available to help armoured vehicle owners manager their new machines. These can be individual courses or in group settings to help owners best manage using their vehicles, especially if they come under attack.

The crucial point to note in the smooth operation of your armoured vehicle is in the proper handling of it in addition to regular & professional maintenance.






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