American Automotive Service Solutions Inc. is Your Ideal Vehicle Protection Plan Choice

American Automotive Service Solutions (AASS) is a company that helps car buyers or users derive the maximum benefits or perks out of their auto protection plan. Right off the bat, we can say the company offers some of the best vehicle protection plan choices. The firm essentially works by helping users comprehend how AASS’ auto protection plans provide them a guard to counter vehicle repair bills, and it also provides roadside assistance. Unlike other American Automotive Services Solutions reviews, we shall talk more about the benefits to AASS’ plans that ensure users have the mental peace required to stay safeguarded on the streets.


How Does AASS Work?


The company functions by allying with the leading administrators in the industry, which helps the firm dish out to its users some of the best car protection plans out there for grabs. These automobile service agreements are not extensions of the warranty offered by the manufacturer. But they certainly are an enhancement of those warranty contracts. The agreements are supposed to work as insurance for the important components of a car.


Users are mandated by several states in the U.S. to have a personal insurance and also a third party insurance, which is basically a cover for other drivers or commuters. But not many insurance firms consider insurance for the vehicle itself. A regular car insurance won’t do much when it comes to breakdowns. It usually only takes care of the actions of users, motorists, and also nature, in certain cases.


American Automotive Service Solutions and extended auto warranty firms aren’t one and the same. One major differentiator is that AASS has certifications and memberships in business organizations, which not many similar companies can boast of. AASS is a member of Vehicle Protection Association (VPA), which means it has anytime access to resources and data that cannot be availed by non-member firms. In addition, the membership provides customers the assurance that their auto service agreements have the backing of a consortium of industry leaders.


AASS also frequently associates itself with the country’s top administrators of extended service contracts. Traditional extended warranty firms at times use their own resources to provide service, leaving users stranded at the time of filing a claim. But AASS is different. It is much more efficient at offering car protection, thanks to the backing of top prudent administrators who operate at the national level. Marathon, MBPI, and AAS are those three administrators. These organizations are established firms that have very high Better Business Bureau (BBB) ratings (A, or higher). This means the firms’ commitment towards service is pretty much on the same line as that of AASS.




AASS has been in the business for quite some time now, and over the years, it has managed to bag quite a few prestigious awards. The company manages to be the recipient of many awards often because it tries to provide something new and unique, which standard auto warranty companies cannot claim to offer. According to the company’s president, the vision and mission of AASS is to keep the customer at the forefront always, and the different awards and honors only bear testimony to that fact.


Most auto warranty firms do not think long-term. The primary goal for any business is to make money, but most businesses take the wrong route to prosperity, especially auto warranty firms. Whenever a customer comes along, these firms leave no stone unturned to milk the user as much as possible, not realizing that keeping the customer happy is the ultimate way to increase sales and profits. American Automotive Service Solutions stands out because it knows how vital it is to send the customer back home happy and satisfied.

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