6 Steps To File A Car Insurance Claim After An Accident

We realize how hard it is on you when a brand new car that you have just bought, meets with an accident, and that too for no fault of yours. While we hope that you escape out of the accident without any major injury to your body, it is important that you file a claim with your car insurance company at the soonest, even as early as on the same day as the accident. We offer a brief guideline on how to go about this process. Do read on.

1. Be Completely Aware Of The Fine Print In Your Policy Document.

This is to be done long before the accident. A car insurance policy document is a complicated piece of paper with plenty of fine print. Study them closely as soon as you get the policy papers. Be aware of the rules and regulations pertaining to a possible accident, the mandated role of the insurance company in this and how they affect you.

2. Note Down Every Single Detail Of The Accident.

As soon as the accident happens, take out your mobile phone camera and take pictures of both your car and the other vehicle causing the accident. The pictures should be taken at every angle and cover every dent and every damage. Note down the name of the other driver, his address, his contact number, his insurance company, the brand and make of his vehicle. put to paper the damage caused to your car, and explicitly write down how the accident was caused, who was responsible, the time of the accident etc. This is extremely important for the purpose of claiming insurance on your car.

3. Call The Car Insurance Company ASAP.

You should waste no time in calling your car insurance company. If your car insurance is covered, for instance, by Swiftcover, use the Swift Cover car insurance contact number, which you have hopefully stored in your phone, and call the insurance company executives immediately and inform them about the accident. Usually automobile insurance companies send a claims adjuster to the scene of the accident immediately. Your claim is active the moment you call the insurance company.

4. Show Your Car To The Claims Adjuster.

As soon as the claims adjuster sent by your insurance company arrives at the scene, explain the entire situation to him. Show him your car, pictures taken of the accident, the notes that have been taken down by you, the name of the other driver, his address – every possible detail that comes to your mind.

5. Get The Repair Done By A Certified Automobile Service Center.

Next step is to take your car for repair and assessment of damages by a service center that is certified by your insurance company. Your car’s damages shall be evaluated by the chief mechanic and a quotation for the same will be presented to you. Get a complete repair done, make the payment yourself, and inform the insurance company about the cost of the repair.

6. Complete All The Paperwork With The Insurance Company.

And accept the cheque given by them that covers the cost of the repair. This completes the process.

Summary :

It is important that after meeting with an automobile accident, one must file a claim with the car insurance company as soon as one possibly can. A simple guideline for the entire process of filing a car insurance claim is given.

Bio :

Charli is a dad of 2 great kids and the owner of a brand new car. He makes it a point to keep the Swift Cover car insurance contact number handy every time he goes out on a drive.

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