5 Car Upgrades That Will Make Your Life Easier

It’s difficult to add value to a vehicle. Unlike other purchases, cars aren’t usually a great investment in terms of resale value. However, you can still glean a lot of value from it in your personal or professional life. You can use it to get to places you want to be, when you want to be there, you can transport other people or items, or you can even use it for your business!

Sometimes an investment into your car will dramatically increase the use that you will get out of it, either by allowing you to do things you couldn’t with a base model, or by prolonging the lifespan of the vehicle itself.

Here are 5 upgrades that could be worth those extra dollars!

Installing a Hitch

Sometimes there’s just not enough room in our car to transport what we need- from bigger purchases like couches, lawnmowers, or bookshelves to seasonal items like sailboats, camping trailers, and snowmobiles. Getting a hitch allows you to pull utility and specialty trailers, giving your vehicle the versatility to expand its size without you having to buy a bigger car.

Investing in Rust Proofing

Depending on where you drive, rust can be a life or death issue for your car. In cold and wet climates which also tend to use salt to improve the road quality in the winter, cars can easily fall prey to rust. It will literally eat your car, and controlling its spread once it has formed is near impossible. By investing in regular rustproofing, you can extend the life of your car. Don’t forget about the underside of your car; that’s where some essential parts are exposed to water and salt.

Getting a Truck Body

Trucks are already one of the most versatile vehicles out there. However, you can drastically improve your car with transferable truck bodies. It’s basically like superimposing the missing component that would make it a fully serviced van, but having the option of putting it on and taking it off as you please. That means that you can transfer the truck body onto other vehicles if you need to, or securely store it separately if needed.

Installing a Roof Rack

A roof rack is something that even little cars can easily have installed. A roof rack allows you to transport all kinds of attachments, from bicycles, kayaks, canoes, storage compartments and more. Though there will be some drag, something that you will notice at greater speeds, you get a lot of value out of the fact that you don’t need to rent a bigger vehicle or worry about storage of a trailer. A roof rack is a great addition for urban environments where maneuvering and parking can be an issue.

Getting Floor Mats

Worried about the state of the interior of your car? While keeping it tidy is something that you can easily do with some self-discipline, keeping it clean, especially during messy weather like rain and slush, is somewhat harder. You can’t easily control the cleanliness of your and your passengers’ shoes, and therefore investing in rubber floor mats is important. Buy the kind which fit your cars make and model, avoiding having even more damage due to constant sliding and wearing down of the carpet. Every once in a while, take them out, vacuum them and/or hose them down, and once they are dry, put them back in their spots.

Instead of spending several extra thousand dollars on a better sound system or great rims which might bring you negligible value, choose one or several of the above options which will allow you to do more with your car without a massive investment.



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