4 Tips for Navigating eBay Motors

Most people know eBay as a place where you can get practically everything you could ever need or want even when it comes to what kind of car should I get? Those who love getting a good deal can track down what they’re looking for and then start practicing their game theory when it comes to getting the best price. But what if you know one section of eBay like the back of your hand, but aren’t sure about the rest of the site? What if you know exactly how to get the most colorful Fiesta ware, but aren’t sure how to pick out a Ford Fiesta? Find out more about how to navigate eBay motors, and see why this may just be your new favorite way to buy a car.

  1. It’s Not Just Cars

eBay motors sell everything related to vehicles, from accessories to parts. Always wanted to learn how to fix your own car? You can buy the instruction manual from eBay plus the parts and then get to work. (You may have to watch a few YouTube videos to get it just right, or review defensive driving course material). Don’t want to pay full price for your windshield wipers? Go online to see what kind of deals there are to be had. The key to shopping (whether online or in person) is to think ahead. Everyone’s going to be looking for tire chains when wintertime rolls around, so why not try shopping for them in the summer? Surely someone is moving to a better climate and just needs to get the chains off their hands.

  1. Beware of Scams

People lie. If that’s news to you, then buying a car is going to be a very difficult process. Not only will people misrepresent the quality of their vehicle, but they may try to get you to pay without giving you anything in return. Sellers who ask you to use instant payments, like Western Union or MoneyGram are likely trying to pull a fast one on you. Thankfully, eBay is also aware of scams, which means they offer a certain amount of protection to the buyer. Most of their vehicles are covered by Vehicle Purchase Protection. This can’t cover you against everything, but it will certainly help keep you from being the financial loser in the transaction.

  1. Talk to the Seller

This isn’t just an effective way to protect yourself against scams, but also to learn more about whether the car or part is right for you. If the seller is attempting to get you to sell off the website, then you won’t get any of the financial protection from eBay. The more communication you can generate with the person who’s selling the vehicle, the less likely you are to make a mistake. You’ll be able to get all the details to help put together the bigger picture piece by piece.

  1. Use the Financing Center

eBay really does do it all. eBay has partnered with different financial institutions to bring you loans that are delivered on your own terms, so you get the financing you need. These loans cover practically every sale you can think of (e.g., state-to-state, person-to-person, etc.) The vehicle doesn’t have the inspected for the loan to go through, and it’s a straight-forward process when it comes to filling out the information and waiting for your approval. One major tip to anyone though is to really read the terms and conditions of each loan. While it certainly won’t be the most fun way to spend the afternoon, it’s necessary to get all your ducks in a row before you sign on the dotted line.

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