4 Reasons New Drivers Fail the DMV Driving Test

When it comes to getting your driver’s license, you must pass both the written and road tests.  And, as a new driver, this can be difficult to do at times.

In fact, 4 out of 10 people will fail the written portion of the DMV driving test their first go around.  This makes preparing for the driving test extra stressful, especially for teens.

And who wants to deal with that stress, when buying a car for yourself as a teen driver is already stressful enough?

Today we will look at some of the top reasons new drivers fail the driving test so that you can better prepare either yourself or your teen when it comes time to put your knowledge and skills to the test.

1. Lack of Confidence

Driving a motorized vehicle is a big deal.  And, with everyone pressuring you to practice, study, and be a perfect driver from the very start, it can be challenging to feel 100% confident in your abilities.

This lack of confidence can wreak havoc come test day.  Lack of concentration, failure to follow instructions, forgetting the basics, and losing control of your emotions can result from lacking confidence.

Work on boosting your confidence.  You can do this, so long as you have the right attitude from the beginning.

2. Passive Studying

The DMV typically provides new drivers with a handbook that can be used as study material for the written test.  However, simply reading the handbook a few times is not going to be enough for you to get a passing grade.

Instead, you should take a proactive approach and practice using an actual DMV driving test.  This will give you a true idea of what to expect on the written test and boost your chances of passing significantly.

3. Not Enough Practice

If you are not enrolled in a safety-driving course to prepare for the driving portion of the DMV test, make sure you log enough real hours of practice.  Finding the time to hone your driving skills can be tough.  Especially if you are relying on your parents to help.

Those that don’t practice enough in a variety of driving situations will find themselves lacking when it comes to taking the real test.

In order for you to feel confident behind the wheel and be competent enough to pass the skills test, you must find the time to practice.  After all, the instructor is going to simulate real driving conditions you may be faced with at any given time.  You need to know how to handle them all if you want to pass.

4. Driving Mistakes

There is a lot of the emphasis placed on the written portion of the driving test.  As a result, it can be easy to forget the basics when it comes to the skills portion.

Here are some common mistakes new drivers make:

  • Following too closely
  • Not controlling your speed
  • Rolling stops
  • One handed steering
  • Improper lane changes/failure to signal
  • Parallel parking fail

In the end, it is going to be a culmination of these mistakes that will quickly lead to a failing grade.  Just make sure you take the driving test seriously and practice enough so that little things don’t lead to a major fail.







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