Month: December 2016

The Building of a Trophy Truck

A trophy truck is the pinnacle of creative craftsmanship and automotive ingenuity. Professional trophy trucks usually have a V8 engine capable of between 700 and 1000 horsepower. That’s well beyond your run-of-the-mill, commercial V8 truck. To build your ideal trophy truck, you need to break it down into the chassis, suspension, shocks, engine, power train, […]

Planning To Repaint Your Car? This Guide May Help You!

Do you just want to change the color of your car or remove its faded or dingy look? Then, it might be time for you to repaint it. Repainting a car is not as easy as it looks, especially for beginners. However, through good preparation, your car can achieve its new look in no time. […]

How to Shop for a Truck Like a Pro

Trucks are great vehicles to own. They are designed to take a beating and will survive most terrains. They are also capable of going off-road and tackling more difficult challenges than smaller cars. The ruggedness and the big, spacious interior we now get from modern trucks certainly increase the appeal of owning one. Royalty Free […]

How to Keep Your Truck Running Smoothly: Basic Maintenance Tips

We talked about some safety tips for whenever you’re going off the road in a previous article. A truck – especially a 4×4 one – is among the best vehicles to use when going off-road. For the best off-road experience and smooth day-to-day operations, however, your truck needs to be maintained properly. Royalty Free Photo […]